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So you've decided to take that long-awaited holiday trip to Tioman Island. But you're not quite sure about the best way to get there, or even what to expect once you get there. (Apart of course from the gorgeous landscapes, seascapes and idyllic beaches you keep hearing about from your friends.)

Let this section be your guide. We'll not only give you the skinny on the most efficient - and most affordable - way to travel to Tioman, but we've also thrown in all you need to know in which hotel to stay, as well as the fun recreational activities you can partake of after you have checked in.

So here goes.

Tioman Island, also known as Pulau Tioman, is a stunning little island along the lines of the movie The Blue Lagoon. A jewel of a coconut tree-peppered beach paradise, blessed by a calm crystal-clear aquamarine sea. And tranquillity. Lots and lots of blissful tranquillity.

Tioman is located about 45 kilometers offshore from Peninsula Malaysia's west coast, which means the only practical way to get to Tioman is by ferry. This double-edged sword is what ensured that Tioman has retained its enchanted nature, even after being on the world's tourism radar since the late 1980s.

Something for everyone

Depending on your budget, Tioman offers countless types of accommodation, from a 50 Ringgit-a-night basic backpacker dorm to hundreds of SGD per night for a swanky private beach front villa.

There's a total of six villages (or kampungs) to choose from, spread out over the east and west coast, where kampung Juara on the east coast is the more rustic of the two.

However, in the past decade or so, the remote and peaceful southern end of Tioman, commonly known as Tioman's Gold Coast, has seen an influx of high-end resorts especially. If you prefer exclusivity, fine dining and glorious spa treatments, then you'd do well to take the ferry there. Examples are Tunamaya Resort & Spa, Japamala and Bagus Place.

Immersing in paradise

Now, wellness and culinary treats are one thing, but if you're outward bound-type and you feel the need to immerse yourself in the paradise that is Pulau Tioman, then you'll be happy to learn that there are plenty of fun activities to do, most of them within convenient range of your hotel.

For instance: Go in search of Tioman's Rafflesia, the largest flower in the world. And whilst you're exploring Tioman's emerald jungle, let your certified nature guide take you to the natural waterfalls, so you can "immerse" yourself here too, for a refreshing bath.

No trip to Tioman would be complete without at least one snorkeling excursion of course. Better still, get your scuba permit and dive in one of the world's most renown dive locations. Tioman's thriving coral gardens and abundant underwater wildlife is amazing, a sight to behold.

But let's not forget souvenir-shopping, enjoying Tioman's local cuisine, rock-climbing, for the adventurers amongst us, or stand-up paddling, or kayaking, orfishing, or sailing... Tioman offers it all and then some.

I am sailing...

To catch the ferry to Tioman, you need to make your way to Mersing first, a small town, about equidistant between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. You can drive to Mersing by rental car, or your own car, or even by private taxi. Or you can catch a bus or coach. (See below).

By the way, it's good to know that Tioman's peak season is March to October. The remaining months are considered monsoon season.

Tip: Book your bus and ferry early.
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Note: Peak season is May till August.


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