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Welcome to Singapore Bitcoin, Singapore's Trusted Bitcoin Portal.

Unless you live in Amish country, you must have realized that cryptocurrencies are everywhere these days, especially Bitcoin. In fact, whether you're anti, agnostic or an avid Bitcoin advocate, everyone can see that we're transtioning to a world in which cryptos are destined to play a greater part in our lives.

True, on the face of it, the pace is positively glacialAmazing Anambas Spacer. And some governments here and there have taken an unfavorable stance. However, in most constitutional nations anyway, adoption of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other blockchain-powered currencies, appears on a steadfast uptrend, driven, in part, by the relentless network effect and the systematic decline of existential threats.

First-mover advantage

And then there are the visionaries: the countries that, certainly ostensibly, believe crypto represents a potential quantum leap in the way we may, one day in the not too distant future, interact with money.

Examples of cutting-edge nations that are taking the lead? Well, plucky, ambitious countries such as El Salvador and Central African Republic, along with the Swiss canton of Zug. In all three of these, Bitcoin has been fast-tracked to legal tender. But financial bastions like US, Britain, Dubai and Singapore are also included in this select group. In these jurisdictions, the crypto regulation reins are held firmly, perhaps even tightly, to be sure, but the spurs clearly appear at least equally at the ready.

So what to make of all this? Can we continue to actively ignore this tectonic shift that's happening, slowly but surely, before our eyes? Or has the time come to get stuck into the weeds a little? Perhaps the more prudent thing to do is to scratch the surface a bit of this crypto thing and see what we can see.

More inclined to lean towards the second course of action, preferably before we hit the inevitable inflection point? Then this site might well be of use.

Want to buy Bitcoin to HODL but you don't know how to go about it safely? Perhaps you're not sure if your online shop should accept Bitcoin payments? Drop us an email. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Bitcoin is here to stay.

Live with it!


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